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Sean Harrington

Finance Director

“Let our age be the age of improvement.”

-- Daniel Webster

Sean Harrington is the Fundraising Director for Think Big Campaigns. A successful veteran of many of Western Pennsylvania’s most competitive races, Sean provides insight into the many facets of political campaigns beyond just fundraising.

Sean started his career in politics on Tom Wolf’s successful Gubernatorial race and has seen much of the current political arena develop on the ground since then. He proudly worked in the field for the Pennsylvania Democrats Coordinated Campaign in 2016 and learned the value of smart and well-organized methods to win elections.

He then went on to run the field operations for Judge Dan Butler’s successful Magistrate race in Pittsburgh’s Squirrel Hill and Shadyside neighborhoods, beating out four other contenders by implementing a robust and aggressive field strategy.

Sean then had the privilege to organize Conor Lamb’s nomination campaign in 2017 and 2018. He helped secure the nomination for Conor Lamb to run in the now-famous PA-18 Special Election. In the PA-18 Special election, Sean was the Deputy Field Director, where Conor Lamb, a Democrat, won in a district with a Cook Partisan Voting Index of R+11. After the special election, Sean moved into campaign financing with Congressman Lamb, where he helped raise over eight million dollars.

In 2019, Sean worked with Reverend Ricky Burgess to secure his re-election to a fourth term in Pittsburgh's City Council. Sean helped Councilman Burgess raise more money than any other African American candidate in the history of Pittsburgh, which allowed the Reverend to win his competitive primary and general elections.

Sean worked in conjunction with Think Big Campaigns as the Deputy Campaign Manager and Finance Director for District Attorney Stephen Zappala’s race and helped lead the District Attorney to a victory in that race as well.

Residing in Pittsburgh’s North Side with his collection of fun socks, Sean enjoys spending his free time winning barroom trivia competitions and seeing local theatre performances. Sean promises he is more interesting than just the “Fun Socks Guy.”

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