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The most thorough training on campaign management ever offered, taking you through the entire campaign cycle, week by week in real time, helping you focus on what's important at that particular time in your race.
It's custom learning tailored to your own campaign!

Are you overwhelmed at the prospect of running your own campaign?

You know what it's like...spending hours searching the internet for lists that explain the steps in a campaign, and reading every do-it-yourself campaign management book you can get your hands on. Getting advice from other local electeds and even some one-time candidates that never made it to the finish line.

Candidates for local office rarely have the funds available to pay professional consultants, and they have even less time to learn the entire process alone.

That's why we created Campaign School!

Most local candidates don't need a full-time campaign manager or campaign consultant. They want to do as much on their own as they can, both to learn and understand the process, and to keep costs down. But the fact is, you can't do it alone.

Through a series of live and recorded webinars, templates, personalized instruction and consultation, and group learning, Campaign School removes the confusion from the campaign process and helps you overcome every obstacle put in your way...

All at a much lower cost than hiring an individual campaign manager or campaign team.

What You Get When You Enroll


Live and On-Demand


2 webinars per week live lessons before the primary. Then after primary, we do 1 live training webinar and 1 live Q&A session per week to make sure concepts are solidified before moving to the next topic. In all, more than 80 live lessons!

Private Group on


Access to the Campaign School private Facebook group where you can interact with other members, instructors, and experts. Trade documents and tips, and ask questions that we don't cover on live webinars.

Document Library


Access to more than 50 documents including campaign plans, budget worksheets, graphic templates, phone and canvass scripts, email marketing and fundraising templates, and more.

Access to


Seasoned attorneys, treasurers,  campaign professionals, and even other elected officials teach lessons on legal issues, fundraising compliance, and other complex topics. 



The campaign plan is your roadmap to a win! All our plans follow a 4-step process that progresses from planning and branding through organizing and engagement all the way to getting out the vote.


Learn how to research and plan your campaign the right way. Understand every step in the process of winning your election.


Define your brand, make it consistent, and develop a message that resonates with voters.


Learn how to find supporters, organize them, and get them engaged. Learn how to plan events, manage volunteers, and schedule time you need for every task in your campaign.


Everything you need to do in the final weeks before election day. Learn how to turn out supporters and voters for the win!

Taught by

Industry Experts

and Veteran Campaigners

Campaign School brings together industry professionals with more than 30 years experience running successful campaigns at every level of office across the country and internationally.

We also bring industry experts to answer complex topics like legal issues, fundraising compliance, and how to handle the press and questions from the media.

We're in your corner every step of the way.


Course Schedule

We organized Campaign School around the election calendar. That means we focus on what's import in the order that it should be important. You don't have to spend a minute worrying about what comes next or whether you're spending your time on the right things.

Planning and Management

Weeks 1 — 5

In the first 5 weeks, you'll learn important time management principles and get started right away on your campaign plan — the roadmap for your race! We'll also start work on your branding, messaging, and your strategy for getting on the ballot with petitions.


Digital to Field Transition

Weeks 6 — 10

We take a deeper dive into the numbers by determining the number of votes you need to win your race and the precincts where you'll find them. We start talking about a budget and how to fundraise. We'll also take your branding further and start building your digital footprint with a discussion on using social media and email. We finish with the practical details of getting your petitions signed.

Organizing and Engagement

Weeks 11 — 15

With the campaign plan as our roadmap and your message well developed, we'll start discussing campaign events and engaging supporters and voters. You'll learn how to garner important endorsements, how to get help from local grassroots groups, and how to find and keep volunteers.


In the Field for the Primary

Weeks 16 — 20

We review your field plan in detail with a particular focus on best-practices for voter outreach, including door-knocking (canvassing), phone banking, getting out your base, and persuading undecided voters. We finish this section with all the preparation you need for absentee ballot chase, GOTV, and everything you need for a successful primary election day.

Planning for the General

Weeks 21 - 25

With the primary behind you, we revisit our campaign plan and make adjustments for the general election. We'll confirm our vote goals and set milestones to make sure we're on track to win in every precinct. Dedicated Q&A session lessons follow up on each content lesson so we can answer all your questions before moving to the next important stage of your race.


Field and Voter Outreach

Weeks 26 — 30

Everything here is focused on fieldwork and direct voter contact. We take deep dives into canvassing and phone banking, targeting in your voter file, and modern applications that help your volunteers and staff reach more voters. We discuss marketing mail pieces and start planning collateral we can use in the field.

Supporting Your Team

Weeks 31 — 35

In these lessons, you'll learn several ways to support field operations, including distributed organizing, digital advertising, working with local Democratic committees, and holding supporter events throughout the district.


Persuading Undecided Voters

Weeks 36 — 40

We spend considerable time discussing voter contact, and methods for persuading voters who are still undecided about who they'll support. You'll also learn how to plan for and deal with attacks from your opponent, and how to chase absentee ballots for additional votes.

Bring it Home

Weeks 41 — 44

You'll learn how to make that final push, turn out your base, check your metrics one last time, and prepare for election day and what lay beyond!



Yes, we offer a one-week free trial. That allows you to sample two of our live lessons before the primary, or after the primary, you can sample a live lesson and a Q&A session.

Yes, we offer a no-questions-asked refund within 15 days of your purchase.

Each lesson comes with a new template and presentation. Additional resource documents from the template library are made available as you progress through the lessons. This is done to make sure you are focusing on what is important in the campaign process at that moment, and not worrying about something that comes weeks down the road.

Yes, our team does each webinar in the event center at our offices on the North Side of Pittsburgh, PA. We also take questions from members before the webinars and answer them live during the Q&A sessions.

We will carry over all unanswered questions into our Facebook live group discussion before we have the next live webinar. Questions are also answered via email as time is available.

This is an easy one: The New York Yankees. 


Two options for every budget. Monthly recurring at the lowest price point. One-time annual access at a 20% discount off the monthly price. Each plan comes with a one-week free trial, allowing you to join us for 2 full lessons before you are charged.

Monthly Recurring

$150 per month

  • 40+ Weeks of Training
  • 80+ Lessons
  • Live Webinars
  • On-Demand Replays
  • Template Documents
  • Access to Industry Experts
  • One-Week (2 Lesson) Free Trial!


$1,200 Annual Access

  • Access for Entire Year
  • 80+ Lessons
  • Live Webinars
  • On-Demand Replays
  • Template Documents
  • Access to Industry Experts
  • One-Week (2 Lesson) Free Trial!

Team Access

$120 per month

  • 40+ Weeks of Training
  • 80+ Lessons
  • Live Webinars
  • On-Demand Replays
  • Template Documents
  • Access to Industry Experts
  • One-Week (2 Lesson) Free Trial!
  • For Democratic Committees and Teams
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