Let's Get on the Ballot - Petition Training

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45-minute video + 5 template docs for every step of the petition process.

We were joined by Cliff Levine (election attorney to Barack Obama, Senators Hillary Clinton, and Bob Casey, among others) who covered the legal aspects of the process and what to do to avoid challenges to your petitions.

Here's What You'll Learn

The Process

You have to be on the ballot to win your race. You'll learn the process for petitions, what to do, and pitfalls to avoid.

Petition Targeting

Tools and tips for finding voters who can sign your petition, how to contact them, and keep track of your signatures in a way that helps your campaign later.

Circulating Petitions

Hear from an experienced election attorney who tells you the proper way to circulate petitions. Do it right the first time because you may not have a second chance to make corrections.

Checking and Filing Petitions

Learn the proper way to check your petitions for accuracy and then file them. Also, we'll cover how you can check your opponent's petitions and file a challenge if they're done wrong.

Training by Think Big Campaigns with Cliff Levine


Think Big Campaigns is a full-service consulting firm helping candidates at all levels of office through the political process.

Cliff Levine is a Director with Cohen & Grigsby Law Firm and is one of the most in-demand election attorneys in the country. He's served as election attorney to President Barack Obama and Senators Hillary Clinton and Bob Casey, among others.

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