Alle Kiske Area Hope Center

Safely eliminating domestic violence through intervention, prevention, and collaboration.


Services: Website Design and Development

The overarching goal of the organization is to eliminate domestic violence in the Alle-Kiski Area by means of prevention, intervention, and collaboration. The Center provides several programs including a 24-hour hotline, an emergency shelter, and legal advocacy – as well as education for children and teens with the goal of prevention.


To address a topic as serious as domestic violence, our straightforward sitemap is easy to navigate. Prior to working with us they had no website and no means to take online donations.

They wanted to display information about their services and give their audience a way to get information quickly, and if needed, to visit their shelter in emergency situations.



While there is information about the organization itself, the priority is to help someone in a dangerous situation get out of it. We’ve included an escape button accessible from anywhere on the site, which directs the viewer to in the case that the abuser appears in the home or where the victim is browsing the web. The most immediate services of the organization are featured front-and-center, such as the 24-hour hotline and the emergency shelter.

We also included a blog where admins can post information about domestic violence and abuse statistics, and information about events and services their audience might be interested in reading.

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