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Andrew Gillum

FL Governor


Services: Digital Organizing / Distributed Organizing / Events Management / Grassroots Organizing / Strategic Planning / Text Messaging / Volunteer Management

When Tallahassee mayor, Andrew Gillum, sought Florida’s highest office he needed a strong grassroots campaigns to complement his bold progressive vision for a better Florida. Think Big Campaigns created a distributed organizing plan to mushroom the ranks of volunteers and make the Mayor’s message go viral.


The Mayor had been running for some time, and needed help growing his support base, mostly local volunteers, into a statewide force. A distributed organizing campaign backed by livestreamed events with a dynamic candidate proved all the fuel needed to spark more than a hundreds statewide events in the run up to the multi-candidate primary.


Think Big Campaigns managed a distributed organizing campaign, coordinated volunteers, trained event hosts, organized local grassroots leaders, and created campaign materials for supporters to share and distribute in their own communities.


Andrew was able to stage one of the biggest upsets of the 2018 election by winning the multi-candidate Florida Democratic primary and becoming the first African-American nominee for governor in the state of Florida.

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