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Bots IQ SWPA is a robotics competition for high school students. Its aim is to foster interest in manufacturing among youth, and to create a stronger pipeline in manufacturing and STEM fields. It is a program of the Pittsburgh Chapter of the National Tooling & Machining Foundation, and is also affiliated with the National Robotics League and New Century Careers.


The old Bots IQ website was dark and unusable. The new website they desired would disseminate information about the competition, the teams, students and teachers involved, and also highlight some of the manufacturing partners involved.

Bots IQ wanted a way for students and teachers to create teams on the site and to feature their work on the teams, including posting pictures and plans for their robot, and the work they did in the lead up to the competition.

They wanted an online donation portal and an area of the site dedicated to manufacturing partners and information about trade schools and apprentice programs serving the STEM fields.



The website addresses a lot of questions: what the competition is; why the manufacturing industry is implementing a program like this; how to get involved; what kinds of events there are; and many other topics. Since the content covers a lot of ground, it is important that it is well organized and fits into a common narrative. In addition to all the information laid out, we set up straight-forward calls to action – Volunteer, Donate, Contact Us.

Behind the scenes, there is complex code at work, allowing students, teachers, schools, and manufacturing partners to register their teams and display their work. Teams are also displayed on the front end with their creations, photos, comments, and more.

The online donation portal allows members of the public to support the kids and the program in general.

A blog allows the admins of Bots IQ to post information about events, teams and their creations, and information about jobs in the STEM field.

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