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Growing Together in Faith, Reason, Service and Love


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Bower Hill Church is a Presbyterian congregation located in Mt. Lebanon, PA that brings together faith, reason, service, and love. Self-described as a “congregation of thinkers and doers”, Bower Hill has implemented a community of Christians oriented to solving the complex problems facing our world. They embrace diversity and social justice and seek spiritual connections with one another and with the world.


Bower Hill Community Church wanted a rebranded website to go along with its first major capital campaign in more than a decade. They wanted an online portal to sell tickets to events and take online donations, a photo gallery and members portal, and blog with sermons available online.



When a visitor arrives at our site, an important question is immediately answered: What makes Bower Hill different from other churches in the area? The website purposefully attracts those who are interested in practicing their Christian faith, but who may have felt excluded in other Christian settings due to political beliefs or unanswered questions about our 21st century world. Maintained throughout the site is a strong narrative of inclusivity, reason, faith, and social justice.

We created a blog for disseminating information about service, activities, and more. We created an events calendar for the many events hosted at the church each day of the week, along with ways to RSVP to those events online.

We created a way for the church to add sermon audio, video, and text each week and to feature that information in downloadable format on the website. Sermons are also setup as podcasts so members can listen to them using their favorite podcasting software or applications on their mobile devices.

A search feature allows member to lookup scripture by book or passage, and that information is linked to blog posts and other information on the site with the same passage or keywords.

Finally, a member gallery was added with pictures and contact information for members, password protected in a members-only portal of the site. This helps new and existing members get familiarized with each other much faster. It also helps facilitate printing of the photo member directory each year, and the church saw substantial cost savings by not using a book/directory printing service.

Finally, all the church committees were given space on the website and the ability to publish articles and pictures as updates for the church and larger community.

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