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David Wecht

PA Supreme Court



For the first time in the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania’s history voters were going to decide the fate of 3 open Supreme Court seats (out of 7.) At the time, the high court was represented by 2 Democrats and 2 Republicans. This election cycle would decide which Party’s philosophy controlled the political influence of the highest court in the state. With substantial issues such as reapportionment, voting rights, workers rights and environmental concerns destined to be decided by the high court; the stakes of this election couldn’t be higher. Quite simply, this election had generational consequences and was arguably the most important election cycle in the history of the state.


Mitch Kates from Think Big Campaigns came on board Judge Wecht’s campaign to build out a professional staff and develop a detailed and focused campaign — from field and fundraising to message communication and an aggressive GOTV operation. Additionally, Mitch worked with the other two Supreme Court candidate’s campaign staff, along with allies, to execute a coordinated effort to ensure victory for all three Supreme Court seats.



Combining the elements of a fiercely competitive candidate, a focused and targeted campaign with strong coordination of our fellow Democratic candidates along with Democratic activists and allies not only did David Wecht win a seat on the Supreme Court but so did his two running mates AND the Democratic candidates for Superior and Commonwealth Court. Our strategy helped deliver a Democratic sweep of the statewide judicial slate.

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