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Eighth Avenue Place is a holistic Christian organization seeking to build an empowered spiritual community. Their general mission is to strive towards a better, more inclusive Steel Valley. While affiliated with the United Methodist Church, Eighth Avenue Place expands common definitions of “church” to include acts of kindness and community development. They got their start on Eighth Avenue in Homestead, and still exist there today, though their reach is much wider.


Most of the people served by Eighth Avenue Place do not have internet access, but the organization wanted an updated website so that potential funders and the public could better understand the work done by the organization and to support it online. They wanted to highlight the stories of the people they help, and to foster a sense of community in and around Pittsburgh’s Homestead neighborhoods.



Front-and-center to our presentation of Eighth Avenue Place is their value system. In a very small site map, these values occupy their own page, and are also demonstrated more generally on the home page. This makes visitors understand that the organization is defined more so by its values than anything else. The prevailing belief is that such evils as racism, addiction, and hatred can be eradicated by their unique concoction of faith, love, and community development.

Through their coffee and community series, we show, in a graphical way, the important work done by the organization and the people it helps. We also highlight updates with a news/blog section, an online donation portal, and an events calendar with information about its programs.

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