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With nearly 50,000 employment opportunities in Pennsylvania’s manufacturing sector, there is an enormous need for talent in this arena. And given that the average salary in manufacturing is 20% higher than the state average, it should be an attractive option for many of the area’s students.

Unfortunately, there are many misconceptions facing the manufacturing industry, which mean fewer students apply for jobs in it – leaving skilled labor jobs unfilled across the industry.

Explore the New Manufacturing connects students to manufacturing careers, and provides information about apprentice programs and alternatives to college education.


Our task was to create a highly engaging website from relatively static material. We also wanted to highlight the increasingly high-tech nature of manufacturing and to dispel the old myths that manufacturing is a dirty, forgotten field of work.



We created a site that features manufacturing partners, their apprentice work and open opportunities, while also highlighting trades as viable alternatives to expensive college educations.

Through grants, local high school teachers were invited to manufacturing companies to document their processes and create lesson plans that other teachers could use to highlight STEM at work in local manufacturing. Those documents, videos, and lesson plans were then made available online through the New Manufacturing website in downloadable digital format.

Local manufacturing partners and their job opportunities are also on display and searchable by visitors to the site.

The site is easy to navigate for both manufacturing companies and for educators looking to connect their students to jobs.

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