Political Campaigns

Hashim Thaçi

Kosovo Prime Minister



In a political climate where 70% of the voters were looking for change, and polls showed both Prime Minister Thaçi and his Party trailing in the polls to opposition Parties, it was imperative to come up with the right message to communicate to the voters. They brought in our expertise for campaign management, message development, operations, and advice.


Researched showed that the number one issue that voters throughout the country of Kosovo cared about was jobs. Our plan was to rebrand Prime Minister Thaçi, already well-known as a military hero and Founding Father of this young country, as the best leader for job creation. Key to success was using digital tools- specifically social networking- to help frame the race and eventually guide actions in the field.



Our campaign was a prime example that focused and disciplined messaging leads to victories. We never deviated from talking about what the people wanted, jobs, and Thaçi and his Party turned a 5 point defecit in the polls to winning the the race by 5%.

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