Just Harvest

Addressing hunger in Allegheny County at its root – economic injustice.


Services: Website Design and Development

With a general goal of ending hunger, Just Harvest understands that true results come from policy change. That is why their advocacy focuses on the many facets of systemic injustice that lead to hunger. Their holistic approach includes advocating for effective legislation, the improvement of program administration at every level of government, and assurance that their clients are being treated fairly as they navigate the bureaucracy.


Just Harvest needed a site that could display its trove of helpful tips, articles, and events. Previously, their information was getting lost in a site that was not searchable or filterable or easy to read.

Our goal was to to create custom templates for different types of material; articles, tips, news updates, advocacy, and events.

The organization also needed advice with taking online donations and making that process easy to administer.



There is a lot of information covered by the Just Harvest site, mostly regarding the organization itself, the advocacy work that the organization does, and ways in which someone experiencing hunger can reach out.

The site addresses two truths head-on: that hunger is a huge problem in Allegheny County, and that the root causes are legislative and systemic injustices. The visitor can explore the site without any ambiguity about what kind of work Just Harvest does.

There is also a steady stream of relevant news articles, as well as a clearly marked organization system to inquire further into Just Harvest’s programming.

The templates we created for content types make the site much easier to filter and read, and the news page is now paginated allowing the viewer to read older articles in the library of updates.

We also created a featured area of the site allowing admins to post important updates that are front-and-center for visitors to the site. This also allows the organization to post timely calls-to-action for their advocacy work.

Online donation portals were added, along with custom donation pages, giving catalogs, and other ways the public can support the organization online.

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