Political Campaigns

Ken Welch

FL Pinellas County Commissioner



While Ken Welch had already been serving the people of Pinellas County, looking toward the future, the Commissioner wanted to update and freshen up his identity. Ken turned to Think Big Campaigns to rebrand his campaign.


We wanted to remove the cliché color scheme and designs to give Ken a logo that stands out from the rest. We chose a bold circle logo that immediately catches your eye with green and gold colors that matches the local university colors. To highlight our new logo we custom made die cut campaign literature shaped in the circle. Rather than toss out a boring piece of campaign literature, our voters would actually read this eye catching piece of art and learn more about Ken’s great leadership in the county.



We were able to turn a County Commissioner into an iconic brand, and with an eye-catching campaign more voters became aware of Ken’s impressive record for the people of Pinellas County.

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