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For many years, cycle after cycle, the electioneering paradigm for Pennsylvania Democrats concentrated on two primary elements- first, that the focus of an election cycle was on the top-of-the-ticket candidate(s) and second was that in Pennsylvania there were only a dozen counties that mattered for organizing, communicating and pushing turnout. During the 2016 and 2017 election cycles a new approach was recommended and executed. It would require the State Party to build out its infrastructure and create resources for each of its 67 counties to use in support of local candidates.


The goal was to give local Democratic Committees the tools and resources they needed to help local candidates win close races they had previously lost because of partisan gerrmandered districts.


The principals of Think Big Campaigns created “Vote Local PA” as a statewide, fully-comprehensive Coordinated Campaign Plan that provided all 67 counties messaging information and campaign materials empowering the Democratic Party with the ability to execute a streamlined uniformed communication program for every candidate in every corner of the state. The program created eye-catching county specific slate cards that were well received by county parties and appreciated by the candidates up and down the ballot. In addition to creating field collateral and we also digitized the Vote Local campaign providing a page on the Party’s website with a searchable ballot tool and digital asses for every single candidate on the ballot. Additionally, we helped recruit and train precinct committee members and candidates running up and down the ballot, and helped hundreds of supporters engage through hosted events on a newly created digital events calendar. We managed both the political and digital operations for the party, the email and email fundraising programs, and created applications, like the call tool, which allowed tens of thousands of voters to complete important tasks on behalf of the party and its endorsed candidates.


For the first time in the history of the Pennsylvania Democratic Party a program was developed and executed that provided campaign messaging and collateral for all 67 counties while also promoting every Democratic candidate on the ballot. The digital candidate search tool was the first of it’s time, and the work we did from 2015 through 2017 helped to usher in dozens of new democrats into elected office statewide.

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