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The library is the premier place for a safe, educational haven for residents of Peters Township. Its staff work round-the-clock to implement programming for kids and teens, as well as opportunities for all people to relax and further their personal growth. This, of course, is all in addition to their fully-stocked collection of books and media items available to borrow.

Peters Township Library is known as one of the best-run and best-programmed libraries in Southwestern Pennsylvania.


Peters Township needed a refreshed website for the library, and they wanted to integrate their older events programming with more a contemporary look and feel. They wanted to integrate their payment processors with the site and offer online payments for events. Finally, they wanted to bring organization to the hundreds of pages and posts on the site so it would be more user friendly for the public.



With such a wealth of information on the site, organization is key. Our home page is extremely customer-centric, with links to events, programming, and book recommendations. We tied in the NY Times best seller API to display current NY Times best sellers, and recommendations from Peters Library staff.

The easy-to-explore portal leads the visitor to information about the library, programs implemented by the library, and the vast wealth of resources that the library provides. We created hierarchies for programming and content based on the age group of the public being served, as this was how in-person programming was also offered. Those areas were then created and branded on the site.

All events from their previous system were moved over to a new system, which now allows online payment and reservations.

We integrated the search portal for the library onto the website and allow for keyword searches into the library catalog and on the site overall – one of the most unique features of any library search website.

We added online payment capabilities and tied them into the online payment system (Square) used by the library for fees, book fines, and other shopping items.

Finally, we performed weeks of training with multiple departments so that the library staff would understand how to keep their site up to date with new content.

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