Specialized Family Therapy

Helping family therapists gain expertise in Court-ordered Reconciliation and Co-Parenting Counseling


Services: Website Design and Development

Given that many children of divorced or separated parents face emotional struggles, Specialized Family Therapy was created to train therapists to work with families facing custody struggles and to train therapists to use court-mandated therapy rather than put families or children into the criminal justice system.

It was created by Maurice Heidish, a licensed social worker and expert family therapist – Heidish has trained hundreds of therapists in his 30-year career. The organization provides tools to therapists so that they can help families survive fractures.


Heidish wanted a way to take his life’s work and put it onto a site that could be offered to therapists around the country. The information was presented to us in book form and the goal was to get that into a website that could be used as a course.



We broke the book down into component parts and they became the basis for a course that Heidish could offer online for payment and continuing education credit.

Each chapter was a lesson in a learning management module that we created. Each lesson offers a quiz that must be passed with a certain grade level before continuing on to the next lesson. At the completion of the course, there is a final quiz, and, if passed, the student is presented with a downloadable certificate that can be used to get continuing education credits from their state boards.

We setup the site to pass on information about court-ordered therapy, and how therapists can use it in their own practices. The website contains video, text, graphics, and other tools to convey its message succinctly and to move viewers quickly to course material.

An online payment processor was added to handle course payments and to manage participants. To Date, Heidish has trained dozens of successful therapists with this specialized family therapy.

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