Teamsters Local 926

Representing members at 50 different employers with over 225 locations in and around Western Pennsylvania.


Services: Website Design and Development

Teamsters Local 926 aims to give workers a voice in the workplace around Western Pennsylvania. They represent workers at 50 different employers around 225 locations in the area, and provide resources and solidarity to healthcare workers, truck drivers, crossing guards, and many other service people. The Teamsters foster improved relations between the employers and their employees.


The Teamsters needed a website refresh and a way to organize their information and display contact information for their labor leaders and stewards. They also wanted a more modern way to communicate with members and disseminate information via posts and newsletter.



We invoke the blue collar ethos of our beloved city to promote one of the most crucial parts of its history: organized labor. Our homepage showcases the beauty of Pittsburgh, made possible by organizations such as the Teamsters. We make very evident the need for unions, and we provide easy-to-browse information about what the organization is and how to get involved.

Steward images and contact information is easy to find, as are the articles which take the place of the older, print version of the Teamster newsletter.

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