Vote Local FL

Florida, 2018



Entering the 2018 General Election cycle, Democrats in South Florida had an opportunity to flip local Congressional and state level seats while also fighting for the Governor’s mansion and US Senate seat. Think Big Campaigns’ “Vote Local” program was plugged in to the field program of the Coordinated Campaign in both Miami Dade and Broward Counties.


Using our trademarked “Vote Local” program, Vote Local FL was designed and developed to help empower Democratic field activists in South Florida with campaign collateral to use in their door-to-door efforts for identifying supporters and then GOTV pull to the polls in the lead up to Early Voting through Election Day.


Think Big’s design staff was able to quickly customize Democratic candidate slate cards that included both the statewide cabinet seats all the way down to the local state House races. In Miami-Dade County we delivered 27 different version covering three Congressional Districts along with all state Senate and state House candidates in those districts.

In Broward County we focused on two key regions with targeted state level races while making sure to push and promote that statewide slate along with our Congressional candidates in the region.


Democrats in both Counties were able to pull out voters in historic levels. Broward solidified its status as a “deep blue” county and Miami-Dade flipped two Congressional seats along with big wins at the state level.

On the ground one of the lead organizers of the Coordinated Campaign commented that, “the Vote Local slate cards were a huge hit. It looked like 1 out of every 3 voters were carrying the piece with them to the polls when they came to vote.”

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