Vote Local PA

Pennsylvania, 2018



For far too long the electioneering paradigm for Pennsylvania Democrats (and frankly Democrats in most states around the country) concentrated on two key elements — first, that the primary focus of an election cycle was on the top-of-the-ticket candidate(s) and second was that in Pennsylvania there were only 12-13 counties that mattered for organizing, communicating and pushing turnout.


The primary goal of Vote Local PA was to make sure Democratic Party members and activists had the ability to promote all our Democratic candidates — from the top of the ticket down to the local level. Additionally, would help inform voters on everything from finding their local polling location, identifying their Democratic slate, and providing voters the ability to find out more information on every Democratic candidate on the ballot in any given Election Cycle.


A powerful new tool for Democrats that consists of a fully-comprehensive, statewide coordinated campaign program that provides candidate/ballot lookup tools, digital and field campaign collateral, and consistent Democratic messaging for ALL 67 counties in Pennsylvania. Vote Local PA helps empower Democratic activists and organizations across the Commonwealth by giving them the ability to execute a streamlined, uniform communication program, both online and in the field.

RESULTS successfully launched during the 2018 Election Cycle and provided tens of thousands of voters across Pennsylvania in all 67 counties with useful information on every candidate on the ballot — from the top-of the-ticket down to the local level — both digitally and in the field via our custom collateral programs. Pennsylvania successfully re-elected our U.S. Senator and Governor, made significant gains in congressional representation (going from 13 Republican seats and 5 Democratic seats to 9 R’s and 9 D’s,) while also picking up an unprecedented number of state Senate and House seats across the commonwealth.

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