West Overton Village

From the Old Overholt Whiskey to the birthplace of Henry Clay Frick


Services: Website Design and Development

A Western Pennsylvania gem, West Overton Village is the home of a historic Mennonite distillery, as well as the birthplace of Pittsburgh tycoon Henry Clay Frick. Visitors can tour the distillery, which has been zero-waste since it was founded by Frick’s grandfather Henry Overton in 1821, as well as check out the museum, which details Pennsylvania’s rapid transformation from the agrarian society of Henry Overton’s distillery to the industrial powerhouse spearheaded by people like Henry Clay Frick.


The museum leadership wanted a refreshed site, a way to promote events and to charge for those events online, and a way to communicate with visitors and the public via an online newsletter and forum for blog posts and articles.



Any visitor to the West Overton Village website will leave with an understanding of what the Village is and what there is to do there – not to mention an enthusiasm to actually visit.

The Village presents a unique narrative about Western Pennsylvania’s history, and we capture that on the website. We added an online events calendar with a way for public to purchase tickets to events and an e-commerce feature to pay online for tours at the museum.

We added photo galleries to display the beautiful grounds available for parties and other public and private events. Finally, we added a news section so the museum could keep its public up to date on changes at the facility.

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